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Investment & Rental Property Management

If you are a property developer, we can help manage your portfolio

Are you a property developer?

We’re offering completely unique solutions to Property Developers.

Where there is excess on occupancy for new developments, we can help with short term rentals in properties that are yet to be purchased. Our expertise and experience in the investment property management sector has made HomeHost the go-to company for anyone needing help in managing rental properties.

Rather than let an apartment sit empty, HomeHost will assist in providing tenants until a homeowner is found. If you’ve been looking for reliable and honest investment property services, look no further than HomeHost, we can not only meet your expectations but also exceed them.

If you would like to add to your rental portfolio, HomeHost will assist with all styling, renting of any furniture and providing linen, should it be required.

Average monthly returns

based on a 2 bedroom apartment in Tampa

HomeHost can significantly increase your rental returns

HomeHost can provide a unique solution increasing your rental income due to the nature of peak seasons demanding peak pricing.

While there will always be a base price for your property, our algorithm will adjust accordingly during summer months, along with demand, increasing prices for any of your unoccupied properties. Our investment property management team constantly collate data and update pricing to ensure you always receive current market rates.

On a 2-bedroom apartment in Safety Harbor, with only 70% occupancy, you’ll be making up to twice as much as you would with a fixed weekly rental agreement. If you’d like to generate more income from your property, look no further than HomeHost’s invested property management services.

Why choose us

Our personal touch is why hosts choose us initially, but why they stay with us long term.

You’ll never speak to a robot at HomeHost, always a human.

Start increasing your rental yield today

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