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Real Estate Agents

We work with real estate companies to maximise short term rental yields

Partnering with Tampa Bay's best Real Estate companies

HomeHost provide a range of solutions for Real Estate Agents.

Sometimes you have properties that take a little longer than expected to sell and our platform allows you to maximise returns for your client while you are working on the sale.

If you have properties that aren’t lived in during the sale process, short term rental solutions are a way for your client to generate income during this period.

We can assist with executive leasing and we can also help your clients increase rental returns through non traditional methods.

Average monthly returns

based on a 2 bedroom apartment in Tampa

We can increase rental returns

We’re able to offer higher rental returns for your clients than traditional long term rentals. Due to the nature of peak seasons demanding peak pricing, we can provide you with increased rental opportunities.

There will always be a base price for your client’s property, but our algorithm will adjust accordingly during Summer months, along with demand, increasing prices.

On a 2 bedroom apartment in Clearwater Beach, with only 70% occupancy, your client will make up to twice as much as they would normally with a fixed weekly rental agreement.

Providing short term letting solutions for your clients

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